A New Wave of Indies Are Using Games to Explore Climate Change

As the world is changing and climate change is becoming a global cause, the indies have come out to support a good a cause and using games a way to educate the youngster about the damage caused by the change in climate and how and why to save it.

Nature is not something that has been used in a game for the first time. The Naturae of behemoth and sprawling cosmopolis has already used this as the common cause of the destruction of the earth and the destruction of natural world due to human carelessness.

beyond blue games

In most of these games, nature is just used as an element without forwarding any real message to the people. But now, game creators have started using a world in the gamers which are just a mirror image of our world. The real message of these game developers is to educate the people about the injustice being done to the natural climate which is taking this world to a phase of the climate crisis. Let us have a look of several games which are made to educate people about the climate crisis.

Beyond Blue

In 2016, BBC approached the developers at E line media to start work on a game named as Beyond Blue. The senior producer of games, Mr Kelvin Jorge later said that the game Never Alone was a game which was pointed towards the native Alaskans caught their attention and therefore they came up with this idea.

Kelvin, who is also an interactive at BBC Studios said that he was influenced by the idea of developing a game whose root cause was to educate their players about the principles aligned as the conservation of nature. So, he started chatting and the same time a documentary which was based on marine life was being released by BBC, blue planet II, which also grabbed a lot of attention from the media and worked as basis of conversation for the other projects.

The thing that struck BBC most was the Never alone, a short cultural insight from the native of Alaska community. The co-founder and CEO of E-Line Media, Michael Angst himself sat and discussed with creative team and found out a way of storytelling from the perspective of elders and developers who created the game.

And when the BBC’s Blue Planet II was a hit, it brought a new era of development and conversation to a larger audience. Now, they have started searching for developers who can bring about this change keeping in mind providing information about nature in a more creative and new ways.

Furthermore, BBC has been creating content of 60 hours of length every year on nature, provoking the issues about the planet. Angst says that it is important for us now to raise big issues through our games and produce games based on reality. He thinks that nature is complex but more beautiful that the imagined world we used to create.

Games coming in near future

Games like Abzû and Subnautica, based on the underwater world have already proven the engagement of players. The structure of Beyond blue is also going to be the same where players will be given a time to relax in a natural environment.

So, E-Line Media will now be developing soundscape and waterscape modes to show the beauty of nature to its players The games must have dead zones and darkness but at the same time adding a little blue to the games certainly take the gaming experience to a new level.

The game scientists that actually suggested that the future we should create and aspire but at the same time show the reality of our ocean and how they are going towards a crisis.

Wrapping it Up

The world is going towards a natural crisis. We are abusing each and every natural resource without thinking about its future results. The flow of waste and plastics in the ocean is making many marine life of the sea on the verge of extinct. I have seen several news when the waste materials have been found in the stomach of sea fish and several other creatures.

It is the time, either we make the world good for our future generations or put their life at risk without having any natural resource. We have already see the impact of global warming and the rise in temperature due to this. Several glaciers are becoming extinct.

So, if we have a little hope in educating our young generation about this problem then I think we would create a change in the mindset of people around us. Anyway, to live on earth, we need to preserve the nature. So, we must start as early we can because the more time we take, the more impact we will have on our lives.…