Miito by Nils Chudy is an Energy-saving Alternative to the Kettle

Nils Chudy, a graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven has come up with a device(miito) which can heat water or any other liquid in a cup. This can eliminate the excess use of energy required to heat water in a kettle which is always more than we require.

So, from now on you can even save water as well as electricity as you don’t have to heat more liquid which ultimately uses more energy for heating up a liquid.


How Does the Miito Cup Works?

Miito cup uses electromagnetic field to heat up the liquid and therefore it is simple to use.

You just need to fill the cup with water and place the cup on the induction plate that comes with the Miito product. Now, place the metal rod in the cup.

The induction plate will create an electromagnetic field that can only heat up a metal, here it will heat up the rod that is immersed in the cup. The metal rod keeps heating and at the same time it transfers it energy to the water and therefore, water present in the cup heats up.

What Nils Chudy Says About Miito?

According to Mr. Chudy, most of the electric kettles have a minimum fill of 500 ml for heating up the water which wastes a lot of water and energy. They are not designed in a way that best suits for a cup of tea or coffee and most of us use the kettles for making tea and coffee only.

Suppose you require water for a cup of tea of coffee which is 250ml and you have to heat 500ml, you are wasting up 50% of water as well as energy that is used for heating up the liquid.

Therefore, Nils Chudy started redesigning a kettle that can change the habit of people of wasting energy and water.

Mitto kettle design and build up

The Mitto kettle can work with several liquids including water, milk, soups when placed in non-ferrous cups, bowls or other vessel.

The rod is made with a ferrous metal having a silicon candle at the top to handle the rod. Therefore, can be easily cleaned and minimises the limestone building on the rod.

Mitto is designed in a way that it becomes user friendly and there is no on or off switch but it understands well what a user wants? Once you place in the container and its base touches the container it starts working.

The moment you pick it up from the base the heating power gets weak and you can stir the liquid with it. But, the moment it touches the base the full power of the rod can be visible.

On the other hand, it is smart and the time the boiling point of the liquid is reached it comes to standby position and stops the further flow of energy so the energy is not wasted up.

According to Nils chudy, in the recent years there has been no changes in the kettles except the have been improvised for more powers. But it is the time to rethink the way we use the energy and focus on how to save most of it.

However, it is very difficult to change the people behaviour but they are really trying hard to change the way people misuse the energy. According to Chudy, “the change will happen slow but finally people will start shifting to Mitto and wasting electricity.

More about Mitto

Nils chudy told in an interview that he was inspired by a sustainability campaigner Leyla Acaroglu. In her talks at TEDX, she told that two out of 3 people in United Kingdom overfills their kettle for just making a cup of tea. Just one day of the excess power used by them can light up all the street light for a day in London.

This much use of excess energy gave an idea to Chudy come up with a device which can solve this problem and people would not have to use that much of extra energy for no reason.

According to Chudy, in the east European areas there is much amount of water and if he talks about saving water no one would understand but at the same time if they would be saving the electricity use and minimizing their electricity bills then they would certainly go for a product like this. So, this device is more about saving electricity than saving water.

However, the creators of the products are from Germany but since the logic is saving energy and therefore it applies to all the countries of the world. There is no country which doesn’t require saving electricity.

The design and concept is certainly what appears to be flaunting. The rod is just 180mm in length and can be placed easily in a bowl, cup or similar other vessels. The time required for heating up a cup of water of 200 ml just requires 60 seconds which is not much.

Miito was started by Nils Chudy and Jasmine Grase and both of them met at the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands where the idea came about. They researched for months and they saw that all the kettles have a single flaw that is the amount of water you must have to fill for heating.

Once they understood the flaw, they hired David Riding, an engineer by profession and set up a small team to work on the idea. They wanted to give the product a household name and that’s how Mitto came up.

Wrapping it Up

However, it may take time to change the people habits to save electricity but once they would understand the amount of bill they pay extra by using kettle, people will come forward and start using Mitto.

The electricity needs to be saved in all of the countries whether it is developed or developing and I really think that this product will revolutionize the industry.…