Amico AG2500 Portable Gasoline Generator-FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About the Portable Gasoline Generator

portable gasoline generator

Why suzuki grand vitara running rich sluggish up hills?

If you have this problem with Suzuki grand Vitara(gasoline generator) then it is mostly due to the service, you didn’t provide it for a long time. You must need to service it so that it can run smoothly.

Do you have to transfer switch hooked up to a 22k generator to get it to run?

No. you don’t have to hook the transfer switch to the 22l generator to run. It is better if you go through the manual and figure out the exact way for your generator.

Have new rectifier bridge for preheat 9200. Has 4 wires 2 white & 2 black. What wire connects where?

You should use the capacitator filter and use the full-wave rectifier and connect it to a centre transformer which converts AC to DC.

You can go through this video to better understand the whole procedure.

Where do I get a manual for a ate pro tools usa 1200 watt epa generator with pull start?

Please go through the below link to get the pdf version of the manual.

Will a dimmable LED 50-100-150W equivalent bulb work in my touch-lamp which currently uses a 50-100-150W incandescent bulb? Do they make them? A non-dimmable LED 3-way didn’t work at all.

No, It is probably due the issue with the touch lamp. Check the way the switching has been done. As far as I believe, it is not recognizing the load of the LED bulb.

Which is the best portable generator?

The best portable generator depends upon your use. If you are using it for camping and other travelling use such as for RV then you must go for Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium. You can find the best alternatives here.

Why should I buy a power tool combo set instead of just buy the tools I need and usually use?

Buying a power tool combo tool set can save much more than you thing. You can save couple of dollars which you might have to spend if you buy each tool separately. On the other hand, you might get a tool which you have never used and that tool becomes handy to you.

I want to remove an old switch and replace it with a T5225 Combination switch. But, I only have 3 wires going into the box. Plus, the white wire is the live wire as I determined with my wire tester.

If you have a spur socket, then you have only 3 wires. The three wires would be live wire, negative wire and an earth wire. However, in old switch you would find positive in an out, negative in and out and an earth wire.

Go through the below video to know how to replace the switch.

How to fix Invalid shutdown m/n on Koehler generator?

I also came up with the same problem once. I was seeing the red blinking light on the switch. I also clicked select button 3 times to clear up the faults but nothing happened. So, I went to Gen set information, checked and then reset and then tried again to start and since then its working fine.

One of my friends also had the same problem and he used the same trick and his problem was solved to. So, I would say to try this and everything goes well then your generator will start.

Dewalt dg6000 runs but does not produce electricity, what to do?

The three things that affects the output of the generator are High temperature operation, Low temperature operation and the air temperature.

Things to do when generator doesn’t start:

  • Start with checking the tank whether the fuel is there or not.
  • If there is no gasoline the fill the tank or replace the gasoline and try to start again.
  • Check and ensure that fuel petcock is open. Remember that petcock is open only when the lever is perpendicular to the ground. Do it if it is not!

Things to do when receptacles have no power

  • First of all, turn off the circuit breaker and remove all the attached loads from the generator.
  • Now you need to check the GFCI for this you will have to turn the breaker switch on.
  • Place the voltage to 120V from 240 Volt.,
  • Again turn the circuit breaker off and also the power switch off.
  • Turn the circuit breaker on and connect the electrical loads.
  • Now, you would get the power to the receptacles.

If still after doing the above steps, you don’t get power to the receptacles then visit the authorised service centre.

I have a Wenling Jennfeng generator 6WJFS 1961GA but it does not generate electricity. What could be the possible reasons?

There could be several reasons of failure to generate electricity for a generator. Here I have listed some of them:

  • Following the generator is stopped, the remaining magnetism is usually missing, since the substance used to its magnetic pole of the exciter is near the soft metal, and also the residual magnetism is little. After the shutdown, whenever there isn’t any electricity present from the excitation winding, the magnetic field vanishes soon.
  • The exciter brush isn’t in touch with the commutator and strain of brush holder is inadequate.
  • Excitation winding pipes error, reverse polarity.
  • Generator direct cable wiring is loose or change touch is poor.
  • The fuse box has gone.
  • The voltmeter is ruined.
  • Rotary rectifier module is ruined.

How to reduce the noise from the diesel genset?

You can try upgrading the exhaust or build a small enclosure. However, Biodiesel has been proven to silent injector sound, but it is better to check before buying.

Howell’s Diesel supplement may also assist with injector sound, also prevents gas from gelling in the winter. They contain algae acid which makes it good to store fuel for longer time.…